Everyone has a story.

What's yours?


I would hear and share your stories of encountering the divine in your day. Please follow this link to share your stories and goosebump moments. What's your story? 

Be still, and know that I am God
Be still, and know that I am
Be still, and know
Be still

Psalm 46:10

Come. Begin. Your journey begins here and now by learning to slow down, taking a breath, and beginning to notice the Divine in the moments of the day. Find tools to help guide your journey

​​​​​Heather Durenberger

Are you overwhelmed? 
Struggle with self-acceptance?
Do you seek something?
Thirsting for hope and healing? 
Welcome to the journey! 

Heather's email is durenbergerh@gmail.com​

I invite you to come and find stories from everyday life moments where the divine enters your day.

Through stories, reflections, devotions and guided prayers, I encourage you to awaken to the possible and reacquaint yourself with the Holy Spirit that resides within you.

I invite you to a deeper and more meaningful life. God desires for us to have an eternal quality to our life here on earth. To know and life with His complete joy today! 

The possibilities are within and in front of us. The real question is whether you can see them. I'm glad you are here.