​​​​​Heather Durenberger

Speaking & Engaging

Heather loves to speak and engage with audiences. From for profit organizations to faith communities to non-profit communities. If you are seeking a speaker who is active, engaging, and can meet you where you are, Heather's workshops are life-giving. The time together will awaken, remind and reconnect you with the divine that is within each of us. From one hour talks to half or full day workshops and retreats. If you are interested in connecting with Heather Durenberger about a speaking engagement, please fill out the Speaker Request Form, and you can expect to hear from us soon. Thank you for your interest.

Faith Based Workshops & Talks:

We need messages that pull us away from our needs and our wants that instead helps us to focus on Jesus and His calling to serve others. I love bringing women together to build community and humbly point to God. Creating community, using insights, movement, prayer and reflection to help women to be what God sees!

  • You Are Enough
  • Faithful Friends, Faithful Communities, Faithful God, and Faithful Living
  • Seeing Yourself as God Sees You: Don't Let the Lies Be Your Truth
  • Start Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
  • Making Time for God in Our Busy World 
  • Find God in Your Day
  • It's Hard to Hear God's Voice Above the Noise of the Everyday

Secular Workshops & Talks:

With years of experience in leading workshops and teaching graduate school, I thoroughly enjoy working with groups to engage, inspire and stretch understanding using storytelling, insights and positive psychology and neuropsychology. Engaging the whole person and helping them to see what is going on and what are the opportunities is my sweet spot. 

  • Keep Planting Wheat and Trees and But Start Planting People
  • Strengthening Your Soul
  • Courageous and Authentic Leadership
  • Raising More Than Money: How to Fully Engage Others in Your Mission
  • How Neuroscience Can Turbo ChargeYour Engagement Programs


What participants are saying

"The workshop helped me to see how scripture met each of us where we were and where we needed to be."

"Thank you so much this was fantastic and life giving!"

"As a result of attending the workshop, I will make more time for God in my life. I will try to leave my worries to God."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the face to face blessing. It was very moving and powerful to look someone in the eyes and let them know You are enough."

"As a result of this retreat, I will listen and take a pause in my busy life! It's been awhile since I 've attended a women's retreat and I should do this more often." 

"I now realize the importance of making time with God in a community. Breathing, positive affirmations and keeping God's promises and love at the center most resonated with me."

"I will continue to strive toward daily prayer and being in the WORD. I will share more of what I learn with my family."

"Loved the moments of motion!"

"I am going to make a prayer basket, and I am going to use my new tools. The blessings were especially meaningful!  Keep doing what you are doing!"

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