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Heather Durenberger & Laurie Erickson

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What readers are saying

As a result of this study, I have noticed more peace in my life. Calm. More able to forgive and more loving and less stressed. The short stories that relate to scripture to real life moments most resonated with me. This reminded and reassured us that we are all human AND loved by God.

Bible study review

This study came at a time when I needed its learning and message helped me through some tough times. Spending more dedicated time with God each is something I will do differently as a result of this study. Scheduling time and keeping it scared.

Bible study review

A compilation of stories from everyday life moments where the divine enters and brings complete strangers together to help one another experience something that is greater than themselves individually.

Be inspired, be challenged, be open to what may begin within you as these stories gently guide you to see and experience God’s love and light in the ordinary when you make and take the time to notice.

Learning to notice and finding the divine throughout your day has a transformational experience and you will never be the same. Awake to the possibilities that come to you each and every day to live a deeper more meaningful life.

Recommended to be read in multiple sittings to allow for insights and learning. This book is available at Amazon.com 

What readers are saying

​​Heather plants the seeds of thinking more broadly about what our purpose is by opening our eyes to all of the hidden messages that God puts in front of us during our daily living. She provides wonderfully delightful examples of tales that most of us would pass by as just another event in our lives. These stories cause one to pause and reflect on the what and the why to provide us with a more meaningful because. This is a book to be read over and over again.ype your paragraph here.

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I love how the end of each chapter leaves the reader with a mini lesson/mini reflection. We're all so busy and our schedules just keep getting busier and busier; the way the book is written allows for a person to quickly read a single chapter, grab a snip-it of wisdom, reflect upon it, and move on in their day with the lesson top of mind. I so appreciate that!

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Take back the intention of your life and live in a way that lets your unique and amazingly beautiful light shine into the world. The world needs your unique light, so be brave, be courageous and take the hardest step, the first one. Who do you want to be in the world? The overwhelmed, busy and rushed or the grounded, present, loving and more peaceful person?

Imagine if you were able to live from a place where you could see yourself as God sees you as uniquely and wonderfully made. Imagine if you could love a place where you could hear God saying, “I love you like crazy, I have the utmost confidence in you.” Imagine if you could feel God’s loving presence within and around you. Imagine fully trusting that God keeps His promises. 

This book can be read as individuals or with small groups. Available at Amazon.com