Heather Durenberger is a consultative coach, instructor, public speaker, and author. She is passionate about planting people by meeting them where they are and then guiding them through self-discovery, insights, growth to reach their fullest potential. Many times Heather meets individuals who are stuck and frustrated with where they are. She works to create safe places where people can pause, reflect, and go deeper and explore through insight and self-discovery who they are and whose they are.

She is a graduate level instructor at the University of St. Mary’s in the Human Development and the Philanthropy Department.  She consults and coaches’ leadership teams in addition to public speaking. She has a master of business administration and a master of biopsychology, not to mention a house full of books!

Active in Girl Scouts and a confirmation guide Heather loves to work in faith formation where ever she is.  She loves her Bible Study Fellowship, Minnetonka Moms in Prayer, and confirmation guide. Her most cherished title is a wife and proud momma of four children. 

For consulting information, you can reach Heather on her website at http://www.watsondurenberger.com or email her at durenbergerh@gmail.com

If your vision is for a year, plant wheat. 
If your vision is for ten years, plant trees. 
If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people.

Heather's email: durenbergerh@gmail.com

"Live an exemplary life among (non-believers), so your actions will refute their prejudices. Then they'll be won over to God's side and be there to join in the celebration when he arrives." The gospel is the hope of the world. We need to live lives exemplary of that gospel. That means loving our neighbor- not just saying we do. That means inviting them to dinner. That means praying fervently and faithfully for them. That means not being afraid to touch them or welcome them into our homes and churches or tell them God loves them. That means asking about their lives, joys, frustrations, hopes, and sorrows.     

Anonymous, Adapted 1 Peter 2:13.

And so, we are not called to serve merely in order to receive a reward, but rather to imitate God, who made himself a servant for our love. Nor are we called to serve only now and again, but to live in serving. Service is thus a way of life; indeed it recapitulates the entire Christian way of life: serving God in adoration and prayer; being open and available; loving our neighbor with practical deeds; passionately working for the common good.

Pope Francis 10/2/16, Homily

​​​​​Heather Durenberger

Love may challenge, and love may correct, but love will never shame. Love may call us out to uncomfortable places, but love will never cast us aside. Love may demand, but love will never demand. Love will never ask us to dim our light lest we shine too brightly. Love will never ask us to be less than what we were created to be. By this we know God. By this, we follow Jesus. By this, we serve one another. Love. Not fear.    

Peggy Haymes.